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Back in Time

“The coolest history textbook you'll find on the iPad” – The New York Times

“a beautifully executed lesson on the history of the universe and the evolution of life on earth" – Bob Tedeschi, The New York Times

"A stunningly-presented exploration of life and civilisation on Earth" – BBC

"The latest visually-impressive iPad science book-app comes from Landka..." – The Guardian

"An interactive journey back through the defining moments of mankind" – The Wall Street Journal

"A crash course on the history of the universe" – American Photo Magazine

Winner of the World Summit Awards (Learning and Education) – World Summit Awards

“the story of the entire history of our universe made interactive on the iPad” – Casey Chan, Gizmodo (App of the day)

"Educational. Beautiful. Vast in scope." – PC Magazine

"a high quality educational tool”  – Macworld

"Very well executed, it allows to explore history in a ludic way" –

"an animated history e-book that guides the reader through time from the first moments of the Universe’s history" – Hubble Space Telecope | ESA

“The iPad could use more apps like this one.” – The Daily

“Back in Time delivers an innovative, fresh approach to facilitating education in the world of mobile applications” – Intel

"an engaging book app that strives to present major events throughout history in an engaging way" – Common Sense Media

"a great looking new iPad app" – The Daily Globe

"This beautiful app gives you the history of . . . well . . . everything" – Smart Apps for Kids

"makes learning easy and very exciting" – Design & Data GmbH for ESA - European Space Agency

"app that visualizes the mind-numbing scale of history" – Teach Thought

"Genial application on the History of the Universe" – Applesfera

"Back in Time condenses over 13 billion years of history into a gorgeous, informative interactive experience" – Touch Reviews

"Landka could scarcely have done a better job in putting everything together.” – iPadmodo

"Explore the past with Back in Time" – iMore

"a very nice educational / family app" – iPad Insight

"Please try it, by all means try it!" – App Bank 

"You will be blown away with the quality of graphics and photographs..." – My Mac

"Back in Time is one of the most interesting and wonderful application designed for iPad" – Top App Reviews 101

"easy on the eyes and full of content" – Top Ten Reviews

"Makes Scientific History Fresh and Accessible" – Pad Gadget

"The graphic quality of this application is indisputable" ★★★★★ – Petits Geeks

"The fascinating pictures, graphics, and animations are visually stunning" – "110 Amazing Apps for Education", Shell Education

"It's a complete and truly extraordinary app. A must-have!" – Super Julie

"a journey in time and space" – App Finders

"from the birth of the universe to the history of mankind" – Life with the i

"Visually stunning!" – Apps in Education

"a most simple user interface allows to visualize the entire history of the universe" – Virtual Illusion

"very easy to use. It keeps you motivated to learn" – iPad Info

"The first night I got it I spent hours exploring it.  I couldn’t put it down." – Feker

"chronicles the history of the universe" – kqed

"a great way to reminisce or discover past events" – TechPep

"perfect app for History, Geography, Science and Biology classrooms" – Aplicativos Educativos

"the whole history of the universe and our planet, explained in a playful and intelligent way." – Applica Kids

"A beautiful application, beautifully designed and illustrated" – Declic Kids

"original and excellent interface" – Front Slash

"very intuitive and easy-to-understand" – Soomal

“An app about the long history of our Universe, entirely packed with romance.” – Appliv (JP)

"rich in interdisciplinary content that can be easily explored in the classroom with students of different ages" – iPad na Sala de Aula

"I was amazed by its quality" – pplware

"a high standard of graphics and details" – Dinheiro Vivo

"Best selling book app in 38 countries" – Sapo Tek

"The History of Life, Universe and Civilization" – Jornal de Negocios

"one of the 10 best apps of the year" – Diario de Noticias

"Covers several knowledge fields: Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Geology and Ancient and Modern History" – Expresso

"the app that reached the top selling charts all over the world" – Publico

"a multimedia interactive journey through the key moments of our civilization" – TSF

"quite stunning" – Educational App Store

"a stunning exploration of the history of our Universe" – Educators Technology | 12 Good History Apps for High School

"A journey through time" – Microsoft

"an interactive experience through the most important events in history" – TVI

"a stunning exploration of the history of our Universe" – TeachTought | 28 Apps Suggested For Teachers By Teachers

"Highly, Highly recommendable" – iPadizate | 10 Best Science Apps for iPad

"an immersive learning experience" – Big Deal Book

"pure premium quality and sheer real time brilliance" – Top Apps Like

"a great way of giving our kids both a narrative of the past and (hopefully) hooking them into wanting to learn more" – Smart Apps for Kids


"It's part lesson and part game, really: kids catch fireflies in the game part to reveal stars, then learn about the myths" – The Guardian

"Mobile app company LANDKA brings the Universe closer" – ESO

"Visit the African jungle and go star-gazing with Kiwaka (...) Astronomy has never been so much fun." – Smart Apps for Kids

"a flappy pink elephant meets astronomy facts in this night sky app" – Children's Technology Review

"a fun app that is definitely worth buying for your child to engage him or her with astronomy!" – Universe Awareness

"This app helps educators and students boost astronomy learning with games and eBooks designed to engage and fascinate." – eSchool News

"a game for iPhone and iPad that aims to help children learn about the stars above." – Apps Playground

"the production values are extremely high in this app" – iPad Insight

"If you would like to teach your child about stars and constellations, be sure to check out Kiwaka!" – The iPhone Mom

"the game app really is a cool and easy way to learn the constellations" – Teens Wanna Know

"Kiwaka is a great little game, with a cute story that works perfectly as a vehicle for education." – Sweety High

"It's absolutely breathtaking!" ★★★★★ – App Enfant

"You will love the splendid colours and magical overlay" – Story Wraps

"Stunning Astronomy App For Kids (...) a breathtaking learning adventure game" – My Sparkling Life

"interesting and fascinating for kids and adults" –

"Spotting stars made easy." – A New Domain

"Some games are beautifully designed and grab your attention at first sight" – Apps Zoom

"A must-have for any child who has a love of Astronomy and for those who don’t (...)" – SoCal City Kids

"app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to understand astronomy and the stars by playing a game" – Ansamed

"understand astronomy and the stars by playing a game" – Ansa

"Understand astronomy and learn in detail all the secrets of the Universe" – Lettera43

"Kiwaka: Learn Astronomy while having fun!" – pplware Kids

"a space adventure that lets you discover stars and constellations" – Sapo Tek

"Kiwaka, a game to spark the interest for astronomy" – Publico


"Overpaint is an edutaining, artistic puzzler all about color and how it amazingly meshes." – App Advice

"Overpaint app is addictive in a colorful way" – Examiner

"therein lies the challenge." – Tested

"a simple, yet elegant, color puzzle game" – App Game

"Overpaint takes 3 colors and makes a tremendous puzzle game" – App Attack

"All the fun and none of the mess" – IdTapThat

"It's really fun! (...) it does not take a lot of graphics, if the idea is great." – Check App

"This game is beautiful and engaging." – Motherhood Moment

"not only challenging but also educational – a perfect time waster that doesn’t make you feel like you wasted time at all" – sknr

"It’s addictive and challenging." – Zoom Dune

"an intuitive game that requires a sense of time, a bit of strategy and reflection (…)" – Anti Apps

"Minimalist puzzle fans will eat this one up" – Game Zebo

"Some games really challenge the brain and its ability to focus. This is true for Overpaint – pplware

"a brain challenge exploring the concept of color" – Porto24

"a challenge of skill and intelligence" – Tech ao Minuto

"an app to explore colors" – Sabado

"Overpaint is simple, intuitive...and with an educational twist" – MaisTecnologia

"for those who like less intense strategy games" – TechInAsia

Art Legacy

"It's just like having a museum right on your television screen." – App Advice

"An app for students of Arts." – The Digital Teacher

"Art Legacy: the most beatiful paintings come to live on the iPad" – VIPad

"app that everyone should have installed on their mobile device or Apple TV (especially parents with kids and teens)." – iClub

"paintings are treated like a real scene, as if one sneak behind characters, trees or other objects" – Apps do iPad

"Art Legacy is an original and unique way to discover real paintings" – iPad Blog

"Art Legacy: The History of Art in an app" – Life Cooler

"A culture application with a great sense of learning." – Sapo Tek

"a journey through 600 years of art history" – Exame Informatica

Kiwaka Story

"Kiwaka Story: A beautifully illustrated and interactive book app." – Smart Apps For Kids

"Find the ancient secrets of the constellations"  (10 best iPad and iPhone apps for kids) – Tech Post

"This app helps educators and students boost astronomy learning with games and eBooks designed to engage and fascinate." – eSchool News

"The night sky is full of remarkable stories and this endearing and interactive book will unveil them" – My Sparkling Life

"a cute story that works perfectly as a vehicle for education" – Sweety High

"Besides the nice fairy tale, the children will have the opportunity to learn some notions about the constellations." – App & Bambini


"ThinkO is a must-have if you like strategy." – App Advice

"a mind challenging puzzle game that focuses on your cognitive skills" – iMore

"If you like brain games, then ThinkO is for you" – iTop News

"a new super game to spend time and learn" – Apps News

"ThinkO can definitely make you hooked" –

"a game of cognitive thinking" – App Game

"it works beautifully and will keep you hooked a lot longer than the nearest Bejeweled clone could ever hope to do" – Bytexplosion

"ThinkO, a puzzle game that will make you think" – Tecno Magazine

"beautiful design with a relaxing soundtrack" – Apps do iPhone

"ThinkO is a essential game, if you like strategy." – Mania de Celular