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“ThinkO, while very challenging, is also very fun. I found myself drawn into the game with the stunning Retina-ready graphics and delightful sounds and music. I love games that make you think, and this is definitely one of them.” – Christine Chan, AppAdvice

“Puzzle Game enthusiasts will love ThinkO (…) It’s bright, colorful, and challenging, everything that I enjoy in a puzzle game.” – Juli, PadGadget

“Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO for iPhone and iPad (…) by playing ThinkO, you are exercising your brain and improving your thinking skills!” – Leanna Lofte, iMore

thinko |ˈθɪŋkəʊ| (noun) a mistake in one’s thought processes; a mental lapse or failure to reason correctly.

ThinkO is a mind challenging game that focuses on your cognitive skills. Just move the rows and columns of rings to match the same colored squares in the background. Looks simple, right? ...not quite! This game will trap you. You must think before you make a move. Concentration, problem solving, processing speed and memory are all required to play.

Modes available: Classic (as little moves as possible), Speed (race against time) and Puzzle (eliminate all blocks simultaneously).
Special Rings: Rainbow (contaminate other rings), Diamond (remove an entire block), Poison (turn everything into green), Thunder (eliminate all blocks in their path), Diamond Rain (drops single diamond rings everywhere).

- Retina support on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
- Classic, Speed and Puzzle modes;
- Easy and Hard gameplay;
- More than 100 Levels;
- Facebook and Twitter integration;
- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements;
- Double and Triple Rings to challenge your skills;
- Special Rings to improve your gameplay;
- Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

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