Back in Time

"The coolest history textbook you'll find on the iPad" — The New York Times


Art Legacy

Bringing Art to Life — an original and immersive way to see a painting.



"... catch fireflies (...) to reveal stars, then learn about the myths" – The Guardian


Kiwaka Story

"A beautifully illustrated and interactive book app" — Smart Apps for Kids


Art Legacy Live

Art Legacy Live – a nonstop exhibition of the most notable masterpieces in six centuries of Art.


Live Gallery

Live Gallery – The most incredible views of nature. Earth at its best.


Stars and Ghosts

Stars and Ghosts – Gather around the haunted night... to send stars back to the light!



"Overpaint app is addictive in a colorful way" – Examiner



"a mind challenging puzzle game that focuses on your cognitive skills" – iMore

LANDKA ® — Award Winning Apps for Education and Entertainment
LANDKA ® is a mobile app development company that creates, develops and publishes apps for Education and Entertainment. LANDKA ® has been worldwide recognized by international media.

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“The coolest history textbook you'll find on the iPad” – The New York Times
"The latest visually-impressive iPad science book-app comes from Landka..." – The Guardian
"A stunningly-presented exploration of life and civilisation on Earth" – BBC
"...the entire history of our universe made interactive on the iPad.” – Gizmodo
"from the first moments of the Universe’s history until the most recent events" – Hubble Space Telecope
"Educational. Beautiful. Vast in scope." – PC Magazine
"a high quality educational tool”  – Macworld
"Overpaint app is addictive in a 'colorful' way" – Examiner
“The iPad could use more apps like this one.” – The Daily
"...a stunning exploration of the history of our Universe, Earth, Life, and Civilisation" – Intel
"This app does an excellent job achieving its purpose..." – Common Sense Media
"Landka could scarcely have done a better job in putting everything together.” – iPadmodo
"Explore the past with Back in Time" – iMore
"Please try it, by all means try it!" – App Bank 
"Overpaint (...) amazing, simple and elegant" – App Game
"Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO" – iMore
"Kiwaka does a wonderful job (...) to encourage app users to discover the Universe" – ESO
"It's just like having a museum right on your television screen." – App Advice
"A crash course on the history of the universe" – American Photo Magazine

Awards & Features

★ 7 apps featured by Apple 
★ App of the Week | New and Noteworthy | Apps for Kids (Apple)
The New York Times (Top10 iPad Apps of the year)
★ Winner of the WSA Mobile Award
★ Gizmodo App of the Day
American Photo Magazine (Top 10 Photo eBooks of the year)
★ New and Notable Apps (Engadget)


Intel, Microsoft, ESA, ESO