Back in Time will take you on a stunning exploration of the history of our Universe, Earth, Life and Civilization. Documented with social and historical context, several images, an illustrative timeline and little-known interesting facts. “The coolest history textbook you'll find on the iPad” - The New York Times


What if paintings were not static? Art Legacy creates a sense of depth inside each painting, bringing realism and vitality to over 100 of the world’s famous masterpieces. The user can interact with a painting and actually see it in motion with a sense of perspective. Art becomes closer and alive.


“Fireflies carry the light from the stars” – ancient legend. Learning can be different. Kiwaka is a game where you will learn about stars and constellations in an entertaining way. Play it in the dark for a more delightful visual experience.


In this interactive book you will follow our friends in their quest to light the stars in the sky and unveil the ancient mysteries of the constellations. The book app transports you to the warm and delightful nights of Kiwaka, where the four friends happily discover the night sky. Meet them in this magical learning adventure!


Art Legacy Live is a nonstop exhibition of the most notable masterpieces in six centuries of Art. A collection in motion where the most notable paintings in the world reveal their depth and perspective. Turn your screen into a live Art Museum. An immersive experience where Art becomes alive on your screen.


Live Gallery animates the most incredible views of nature right on your screen. Using a motion controlled 3D parallax effect, each image is animated in a perfect scenic loop, turning your screen into a stunning window to the outdoor world.


Stars and Ghosts is a side-scroller game with spooky hills full of ghosts to catch! Light up the stars in the night sky and turn a nice little witch into a bad, mad witch! Catch spiders to power your broomstick and avoid bats, pumpkins and skeleton fishes. For Halloween lovers and everyone else.


Overpaint is all about color in motion. The goal is simple: drag-and-drop the squares over the matching circles to clear them. To make new colors just overlap the 3 squares. Seems easy, right? You have all the time yet each move counts… Observe the colorful moving patterns and sharpen your skills. Join the color fun!


ThinkO is a mind challenging game that focuses on your cognitive skills. Just move the rows and columns of rings to match the same colored squares in the background. Looks simple, right? ...not quite! This game will trap you. You must think before you make a move.